Our Vice principal. Josep Maria Guàrdia

Today we are interviewing our vice principal.   When you were a child, what was your ideal job? My ideal job was to be an architect, a teacher or an actor. So I guess I was fated to become a teacher. What superhero is your favourite? Well, I know that it’s a classic but Superman.

Opinion essay

We are the students in the middle English group of 4th of ESO. Last week, we learned how to write an opinion essay. Our teacher Isabel organised a competition, we had to work in groups and write an essay based on the following statement:“Internet shopping is better than traditional shopping.

Summaries of films

LETTERS TO JULIET : Sophie is a young american girl that gets the chance to go on a pre-honeymoon to Italy with her fiancé Victor, although he soon neglects Sophie so he can use his time to research his soon-to-open restaurant. Sophie accidentally discovers a letter to Juliet by a Claire Smith.

Do you know who is our principal?

Today we interviewed our principal, Jordi Ribas. Do you know something about him? Have you got any plans for the future of the school? I have a lot of plans for the future and for the present! How many years have you been a principal? Seven years. What do you think that is being a

Why do we fall in love?


Biochemistry says that the fact of falling in love begins in the cerebral cortex (a nervous tissue which covers the surface of the cerebral hemispheres). It becomes a physiological answer and finally a chemical change. It starts with physical attraction and then with personal attraction. The feeling is more intense when