Opinion essay

We are the students in the middle English group of 4th of ESO. Last week, we learned how to write an opinion essay. Our teacher Isabel organised a competition, we had to work in groups and write an essay based on the following statement:“Internet shopping is better than traditional shopping. Do you agree?” Our team (Cati, Tania and I) spent the whole hour thinking about the best arguments to support our opinion. The result was awesome! It was the most voted essay, we won!. Our prize: the best composition would be published in SotaMontgrí magazine. And here  is our text, we hope you enjoy it!


“Internet shopping is better than traditional shopping. Do you agree?”

We completely disagree with this statement because Internet shopping is easy but it is not the same as spending a day shopping in a city or town.

In our opinion, traditional shopping is better for several reasons.

Firstly, you can spend a lot of time with your family and not with a laptop. Nowadays, we spend most of our time with technology and not with the people we love. Who doesn’t want to spend a day with their family?

Moreover, when you go shopping you do exercise. Why? You walk a lot, you carry hundreds of bags and when shops are on sale, you even have to fight for the best bargain. Therefore, shopping becomes a marathon.

Furthermore, in the traditional way you can see if clothes fit you as opposed to Internet shopping.

We also believe that when you see pictures of supermodels on the Internet, you can not really know if those clothes will suit you.

Finally, when you buy in the shops, employment grows and so does economy.

To sum up, we think traditional shopping is much better and you can have lots of fun.


Written by Júlia Pagès